By Characteristics

Notable Flowers:

   Plants with flowers (or bracts) whose color, size, fragrance, and/or other features are worth noting.

Notable Fragrance:

   Plants whose flowers, fruits, and/or leaves contain or disperse a smell worth noting.   

Notable Foliage:

   Plants whose leaf shape, arrangement, and/or color are worth noting.

     Ficus lyrata

Notable Fruit:

   Plants whose fruit shape, arrangement, color, and/or uses are worth noting.

Notable Bark:

  Plants whose bark exhibits texture, color, and/or other features are worth noting. 

Notable Structure:

   Plants whose architecture and form are worth noting.

Street Trees:

   Plants that develop a single woody trunk, stand at least 20 feet at maturity, provide shade,     produce little to no rubbish, tolerate poor soil and air conditions, produce no human toxins,   pose little to no physical harm to humans and infrastructure, and appear handsome or   attractive are considered street trees. Some plants are used as street trees despite violations of   these rules. 

     Albizia saman
     Delonix regia

Groundcover Plants:

   Plants that grow along the soil surface to protect the soil are used as groundcover.


   Plants whose stems climb or trail (especially by use of tendrils, adventitious roots, twisting shoots, twining petioles, or hooked structures) are considered vines.


   Plants that tolerate household conditions including low light, low humidity, temperatures   between 65 F and 75 F as well as being confined to a container pot. Usually houseplants are   tropical or subtropical plants.

Hard-to-Kill Plants:

   Plants that usually require intention or effort to kill as these plants tolerant several conditions and stresses.

Edible and Medicinal Plants:

   Plants with notable edible tissues and/or accepted medicinal uses. Disclaimer: This site should not be taken as a reference or instruction for consumption or preparation of plants for food or medicine. Information provided is strictly educational and informative with no intention of being a foraging reference.

     Guaiacum officinale

Hawaiian Native Plants: Endemic and Indigenous Plants

   Plants found exclusively on the Hawaiian Islands (endemic) or found on the Hawaiian Islands   and else where (indigenous)

There are several well researched sites dedicated to Hawaiian plants like Native Plants Hawaii (available here) and Hui ku Maoli Ola (available here).

Most Popular Plants

Graptophyllum pictum (Caricature Plant)

Bucida buceras 'Variegated' (Dwarf Variegated Geometry Tree)

Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var. carruthersii (Variegated False Eranthemum)

Ficus microcarpa var. crassifolia (Wax Fig)

Jatropha integerrima (Peregrina)

Breynia disticha (Snow Bush)